Unprecedented access to high-profile entertainers and LGBT luminaries


Creep of the Week (weekly)

Every week D’Anne Witkowski helps readers hate on a new LGBT enemy with “Creep of the Week.” The column spares no one, targeting everyone from homophobic evangelicals to lying politicians and even the occasional group who tries to boycott a gay-friendly business or blame LGBTs for natural disasters. Witkowski’s biting commentary brings readers back each week to see who made it to the top of her LGBT sh*t list.
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Deep Inside Hollywood (biweekly)

Forget Perez. Romeo San Vicente is the go-to gay for accurate insider info when it comes to the stars – all of it queer-centric. With previews of gay-related projects and breaking tidbits on Tinseltown happenings (and just a dash of gossip), Deep Inside Hollywood takes you deeper than you’ve ever been. Well, maybe.

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Editorial Cartoon (weekly)

Covering a broad range of topics in LGBT news, politics and culture, Paul Berge’s editorial cartoons aren’t just funny – they’re on the pulse. Berge, who has been drawing editorial cartoons for nearly 40 years, is a seasoned veteran whose weekly feature will liven any publication’s editorial or op-ed page.

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The Frivolist (biweekly)

Themed commentaries geared toward LGBT readers. Topics range from drink recipes to gay-friendly getaways, making this column by award-winning writer Mikey Rox as fun as it is informative.

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Hear Me Out (quarterly)

With an ear for everything queer, Hear Me Out is the quintessential guide for every LGBT music aficionado. Writer Chris Azzopardi's monthly column takes on current releases spanning a smorgasbord of styles, spotlighting the gayety in just about any genre – pop, folk, country, rock, indie, cute-straight-boys-who-gays-lust-over, dance and divas.

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Q Puzzle (weekly)

Fun, humorous and gay-centric: Yes, Q Puzzles are all those things – and more! They’re also linked to current events, and even puzzle fanatics will find them challenging. And for publishers, there’s an ad sales bonus: Running the puzzle each week and the answers the following week gives advertisers added exposure. Top-rated topics have included lesbian golfing, trans-themed movies and "Auto Erotic," a sexy take on car parts.

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Positive Thoughts (monthly)

With a focus on the latest issues and trends concerning HIV/AIDS, Positive Thoughts investigates everything from prevention and treatment to efforts for a vaccine and a cure. Columnists Diane Anderson-Minshall, Jeff Berry, Oriol R. Gutierrez Jr. and Myles Helfand offer their own personal insights on the pressing social and scientific issues surrounding the virus.

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Screen Queen (quarterly)

Looking for some film / video-on-demand coverage for your readers? Look no further. Chris Azzopardi's Screen Queen rounds up some of the biggest mainstream and LGBT releases and lets your readers know what's the latest and (not-so) greatest in home entertainment.

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Spotlight Feature

A woman, Cecilia Aldarondo, uncovered family secrets to tell the story of her gay uncle whom she lost to AIDS. A man, Marco Castro-Bojorquez, spoke to Latino fathers and their LGBT children to nullifying cultural stereotypes. And then there’s queer photographer Jess Dugan, who is transforming minds with her profound portraits of transgender trailblazers. These are our stories, and Chris Azzopardi’s monthly feature, Rising Star, ensures they’re being told.

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Celebrity Content

Beyoncé. Cher. Meryl Streep. Where else can you find stars this big for your readers? No where. Since 2009, editor Chris Azzopardi (pictured here with Mariah Carey, who was featured on Q in August 2016) has made it his mission to bring LGBT regional press exclusive interviews with some of the biggest stars in the business.