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A Couple of Guys - weekly

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Summary: A Couple of Guys follows the adventures of actor Eric and cop Joey and the colorful characters who inhabit their lives - from Marty, Eric's shock-jock brother-in-law to Matisse, the gay dog. Lesbian neighbors Sue and Simone are an active part of the strip, as is successful hairdresser David and his boyfriend Miguel. The art is top-notch, the humor is punchy, and every strip works both individually and as a part of an ongoing storyline.

Creator: Dave Brousseau, a native of Louisville, Ky., attended Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he earned a BA in Fine Arts. While there, he drew a weekly comic strip "Guy Average, Average Guy" which featured a campus radio deejay named Marty Dinkleman and his girlfriend Mary Ann Parker. They were reincarnated in 1996, when Dave created " A Couple of Guys." Dave's hobbies include drawing, solving crossword puzzles and reading art history books. His influences include Edward Hopper, Thomas Hart Benton, Al Capp, Chester Gould, Charles Addams, Norman Rockwell, E.C. Segar, John Steinbeck, Alfred Hitchcock and George Bellows among others. While the characters in A Couple of Guys are not based on real figures, many of the situations are reflections of the experiences of Dave and his friends. He can be reached at

Specifications: Six-panel weekly strip, available in both horizontal and vertical formats, in both color and grayscale, provided electronically as a JPEG.

What they're saying:

"A Couple of Guys ranks at the top of my list along with Calvin and Hobbs, The Far Side and Bloom County. Dave when is the book coming out?
A reader in Indianapolis

"I just love reading the strip. Wish it was a daily instead of a weekly."
A reader in California

"I am a gay parent living in the suburbs. My partner and I have been together since 1990. We were foster parents for 10 years and adopted three brothers in 2000. Needless to say we don't get out much and spend most of our time with our kids and our straight neighbors. I am very glad to be able to read your comic as it often reminds me of situation we have gone through. It is always great to be reminded of the gay sensibility and sense of humor."
A reader in Baltimore

Celebrity Features - weekly

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Summary: Lady Gaga. Beyoncé. Cher. Where else can you find stars this big for your publication? No where. Q Syndicate's your source for interviews - many that are exclusives - with the biggest names in the entertainment business: musicians (Christina Aguilera, Sugarland, Adam Levine), legends (Annie Lennox, Stevie Nicks), actors (Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie), gay icons (Kylie Minogue, Melissa Etheridge, Kathy Griffin). And the list goes on: Justin Timberlake, Johnny Weir, Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor, Kristin Chenoweth, Jesse Eisenberg, Matthew Morrison, Jason Mraz, Robyn, Sarah McLachlan, Tom Ford, Toni Braxton, Ke$ha, Jake Shears and Vanessa Williams. Several of the interviews - like Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles and Beyoncé, both of whom spoke exclusively to Q Syndicate in 2011 - were so big they were cited by mainstream press internationally.

Special Features: Multiple photos of the interviewee included.

Creator: Chris Azzopardi is the editor of Q Syndicate, as well as the entertainment editor of Between The Lines, Michigan's LGBT newspaper, where he's worked since 2007. During his time interviewing celebrities, he's caught a glimpse of Justin Timberlake at a hotel pool and was called "so cute" by Lady Gaga. Reach him at

Creep of the Week - weekly

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Summary: With so many enemies to the LGBT community, who could choose just one? Sarcastic and hilarious columnist D'Anne Witkowski tells readers who to direct their hate at each week with "Creep of the Week." This column spares no one, targeting everyone from homophobic evangelicals to lying politicians and even the occasional group who tries to boycott a gay-friendly business or blame LGBTs for natural disasters. Witkowski's biting commentary is sure to bring readers back each week to see who made it to the top of the LGBT shit list.

Creator: D'Anne Witkowski has been gay for pay since 2003. She's a freelance writer and poet (believe it!). When she's not taking on the creeps of the world she reviews rock and roll shows in Detroit with her twin sister and teaches writing at the University of Michigan. She also had an illustrious, albeit brief career in stand-up comedy.

Specifications: 700 words weekly with photo if available.

Deep Inside Hollywood - biweekly

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Summary: Forget Perez, Romeo San Vicente is the go-to gay for accurate insider info when it comes to the stars, film and the tube as it relates to a queer audience. With previews of gay-related projects, and breaking tid-bits on Tinsletown happenings - and just a dash of gossip - Q Syndicate's most popular column takes you deeper than you've ever been. Well, maybe.

Creator: Romeo San Vicente has extensive experience in Hollywood as a writer, producer and homosexual. His friends have the ability to make or break you budding career, so be nice to him. He can be reached at

Specifications: 500 words weekly

Special Features: Comes with a photo of a celebrity mentioned in the installment.

What they're saying:

"I love your column, been reading it for months on Planet Out. The best lookout on the queer movie scene, bar none. Thank you for keeping your ear so close to the ground."
"Just wanted to thank you for your amazing support of our work. Love your column.
Craig Zadan, co-producer (with Neil Meron), The Reagans and Its All Relative.

Editorial Cartoon - weekly

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Summary: Often funny and always relevant, the editorial cartoons of Paul Berge cover a broad variety of topics in gay and lesbian news, politics and culture. Berge, who has been drawing editorial cartoons for over 30 years, is a seasoned veteran whose weekly feature is a terrific way to liven up an editorial or op-ed page.

Creator: Paul Berge has been drawing editorial cartoons since 1977. He has drawn cartoons for or had them appear in the Racine Journal Times, The Kenosha Tribune, The Business Journal (Milwaukee) and various other papers. He currently works as the secretary of Emmaus Lutheran Church, Racine and as the organist at Lutheran Church of Redeemer, Racine. He can be reached at

Specifications: A hi-res and lo-res JPEG every week.

What they're saying:

"I think Paul Berge is one of the most gifted editorial cartoonists I've ever encountered. His cartoons are timely, they're often funny, they're very clever when they're not funny, they make their point - he's a magnificent editorial cartoonist."
Randy Shulman, publisher, MW (Washington, DC)

Kudos to Paul Berge for being a fantastic cartoonist! The latest one about marriage vs. civil unions is the best ever. We sent a copy to a lot of people who don't have access to the (Seattle Gay News). It is brilliant.
A reader in Seattle

The Frivolist - biweekly

Summary:Biweekly Column by Mikey Rox provides a list-style column that's as fun as it is informative. With themed commentaries geared toward LGBT readers, and with topics ranging from drink recipes to gay-friendly getaways.

Creator:Rox's work has been published by more than 100 outlets across the world, including, The Examiner newspapers, The Huffington Post, The Roanoke Times, The Baltimore Sun, MSN Money, Wise Bread, The Advocate, Instinct magazine, Queerty, and Along with his husband, a former Navy lieutenant, Rox worked to help advance the repeal of DADT by publishing editorials and interviews, speaking at rallies, and working with strategic pro-repeal organizations. He's also authored several self-syndicated LGBT columns in the past, including The Rox Box (a music review column) and Home Rox Office (a movie review column).

A short autobiographical story about the struggles of hiding his sexuality and eventually coming out to his fraternity is published is the anthology "Brotherhood: Gay Life in College Fraternities." In the book "Drugs Make You Un-Smarter," by authors Savanna Peterson and Jill Ammon Vanderwood, he details his addiction to drugs in his early 20s. Mikey lives in Manhattan with his husband Earl and dog Jaxon.

Hear Me Out - monthly

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Summary: With an ear for everything queer - which includes being an unflappable fan (sometimes, victim) of Top-40, folkie lesbians and Fall Out Boy (that's a genre, right?) - Hear Me Out is the quintessential guide for every LGBT music whore. Or those who still haven't heard that Clay Aiken is gay. Written with zippy flare and sass galore, the biweekly column offers reviews of current releases spanning a smorgasbord of styles, digging for the gayety in just about any genre - pop, folk, country, rock, indie, cute-straight-boys-who-gays-lust-over, dance and divas.

Specifications: 650 -700 words biweekly.

Special Features: Comes with images of the disc covers and/or performers featured with each installment.

Creator: Chris Azzopardi has been the entertainment editor of Between The Lines, Michigan's LGBT newspaper, since April 2007. His work has been featured in several gay publications, including Florida's Watermark, Chicago's Windy City Times and HX in New York. He's also a contributor to Out magazine's pop culture blog, Popnography. Reach him at

The Outfield - monthly

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Summary: Who says gays don't dig sports? Acclaimed writer Dan Woog, in his biweekly column, breaks the stereotype with his candid queer athlete features, current controversies and sporting events like the Gay Games. Whether Woog is being direct, serious or even funny, one thing's for sure: He constantly presents a tantalizing look into the ever-growing world of LGBT sports.

Creator: Dan Woog is a journalist, educator, soccer coach and gay activist. He is the author of 15 books, including two collections of his most popular newspaper columns. His most recent work, Jocks 2: Coming Out to Play (Alyson, 2002), explores the lives of gay male athletes across America. It is the sequel to Jocks: True Stories of America's Gay Male Athletes (Alyson, 1998), which opened the door to the last closet in this country - the locker room. His articles and essays have appeared in the New York Times, Sports Illustrated and USA Today. A former contributing writer for the Advocate magazine, he wrote on such topics as marriage and monogamy in the gay world and issues surrounding gay youth. He is the openly gay varsity soccer coach at Staples High School in Westport, Conn. and a member of the Connecticut Soccer Hall of Fame. He can be reached at

Specifications: 800 words biweekly accompanied by a photo.

What they're saying:
"Jock's challenges the perceptions and stereotypes still held by millions of Americans. Whether they know it or not, whether they like it or not, a new day is coming, moving us closer to the day when people are regarded as individuals rather than members of groups."
Bob Costas, NBC Sports

Q Puzzle - weekly

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Summary: Superbly crafted and with a wide variety of subjects, Q Puzzles combine fun, humor and gay issues in a challenging crossword puzzle. Plus, there's an ad sales bonus: Running the puzzle each week and the answers the following week gives advertisers added exposure, and publications the extra incentive for making a sale. Top-rated topics have included lesbian golfing, trans-themed movies and "Auto Erotic," a sexy take on car parts.

Creator: Q Puzzles are unbylined and are designed by a highly experienced crossword puzzle professional.

Specifications: A new 15 x 15 crossword every week.

What they're saying:

"We have advertisers that beg to be placed opposite the crossword puzzle. They see that as the first place that people turn to in our publication."
Steve Elkins, editor, Letters from CAMP Rehoboth

Fast Feed

Jason Mraz

I won't tell you what Jason Mraz told me during our interview in early 2012. Realizing after the fact that a political remark could potentially shake up his love club, he graciously asked me to omit that bit from the story. I did.

Over two years later, I'm reminded once again of Mraz's mindfulness. Evident both in the meditative nature of his sun-kissed ditties and his conversational style - ruminations preceded by long stretches of thought-processing silence - it's a quality that continues to endear the self-proclaimed "geek in pink" to hopeless romantics around the world.

Sinead O'Connor

Does Sinead have balls? Of course she does. Big ones. She talked about that region during our recent conversation, insisting that sex - whether it's with a man or a woman - isn't necessary for making her "dick hard." Still, she lets it all hang out on her 10th studio album, "I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss" (out Aug. 12), candidly revealing that, "Everybody wants something from me / They rarely ever wanna just know me."

The exception: this chat, during which Sinead recalled her introduction to the gay community - and how that community gave her the courage to be herself, speak out and "take shit."

George Takei

George Takei knows the power of a cat meme. Because of all things, it's the pussy that gave him a platform and set the stage for something more than just pervy postings and silly jests: LGBT activism.

Now, the 77-year-old, the iconic Hikaru Sulu on "Star Trek" from 1966-1969, isn't only the voice of a generation - he's the voice of generations.